Rigid Electrical Conduit

The design of the sections comprises an integrated bell-spigot system. An elastomeric packing is installed in the spigot in the factory, which at the moment of the union ensures the required tightness to protect the installation from humidity.

Underground Conduit:

Pared exterior en color rojo con línea emblema blanca e interior color blanco de alto contraste.

Conduit Transición:

Exterior wall in red with white emblem line and high contrast white interior.

Conduit Transition:

  • Available in nominal diameters of 50 to 300 mm (2 “to 12”).
  • The elastomeric gaskets are placed in the tube and covered with a removable plastic wrap that protects them from the elements until the moment of the installation where said wrap must be removed.


For use in medium and low voltage underground wiring installations, as well as for use in electrical transition systems from aerial to underground wiring.

HDPE Conduit Rigid Pipe