They are defined as a coating or barrier of liquids and vapors which are usually manufactured from combinations of thermoset or thermoplastic polymers.

Although the Geomembranes are not totally waterproof, they behave almost in this way when compared with other materials and with some soils, even clayey soils, considering the most impermeable material that is currently available.

Its main function is to be a WATERPROOF barrier, serve as insulation between different means to prevent unwanted leaks.

The growth in environmental awareness, as well as the development of new technologies is clearly one of the means that helps to control polluting agents, not only those produced in waste management, but also in the management of waste generated by large industries. This is how Geomembranes help environmental development and ecosystem protection. HDPE- lisa y texturizada

LLDPE- Smooth and textured

Special Membranes