Flat Pipe HDPE For Drainage

We have the most recent development in surface drainage, also known as Geocompuesto drainage pipe, which consists of a perforated plastic core in the form of a panel wrapped with a geotextile that filters the soil.

The main characteristic of this panel pipe is its ability to capture and evacuate waters quickly.

It is one of the most innovative systems that come from the ADSAdvanEDGE product, designed for projects such as:

  • Longitudinal drains for motorways.
  • Drainage for sports courts.
  • Effective to keep sports fields, schools and cities in good condition.
  • In foundations of buildings and retaining walls.
  • Perimeter drains around landfills and septic fields.
  • Suitable for airports, parking lots, highways and any paved area.


  • Available in 12 “and 18” sizes in rolls of 30.5 meters in length.
  • Design only 1.5 “thick, allowing installation in a narrow ditch, which can easily be opened with high-speed ditching equipment and with a minimum breakage of the surface.
  • Dimensional stability in all directions, reinforced closed core has exceptional vertical stiffness.
  • Resistance to compression and deformation that occurs during the installation process.
  • The joints are made with an innovative coupling that is safe enough to withstand installation efforts.
  • Manufactured with a high density polyethylene resin that meets the requirements of structural quality and chemical resistance of the ASTM D3350.